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why do you need a rose toy top 12 reasons for you

Why Do You Need a Rose Toy? Top 12 Reasons for You

With so much talk about the Rose Toy, you must be wondering why it’s so popular. It’s a relatively new toy for over a year, but this common household item has taken the world by storm. There are several reasons why this advanced masturbation tool is becoming one of the most sought-after sex toys on the market.

It Has 10 Speeds

The Rose has 10 vibration modes! If you’re looking for something that will offer you a lot of variety in terms of how it feels, this is a good option. It has 10 different vibration modes (which include both steady vibrations and patterns), so there’s always something new to try out when you become bored with what you are doing. This also makes it easier to find one that works well for your body and personal preferences.

It will bring you a long-lasting orgasm with each use. It’s very quiet so you can use it discreetly. Choose your favorite one from the ten sucking or 3 vibration modes.

10 gears tiktok rose toy with 10 speed vibration

The Size is Portable

You can have a rose toy with you wherever and whenever you like it.

Its portable size and small and cute shape make it easy to store.

You can bring your rose toy with you when traveling or going to work.

It’s a romantic gift for your loved ones, friends, and family.

You can give it as a birthday present or wedding anniversary gift for someone special.

It could be an ideal gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend on birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas.

It could be a cute decoration in your room, office, or home.

10 gears tiktok rose toy size is portable

It Sucks and Vibrates Simultaneously

The Rose toy combines vibration and sucking in one, and you get a whole new experience with the combination. The user can control the suction, which is excellent if you want to experiment with different intensity levels.

The Rose toy also has multiple vibration modes and speeds to choose from. You can find one that works best for your needs.

If you have never used a vibrator before, then this may be an excellent place to start. It is small enough for beginners and powerful enough for experienced users.

The vibrations are pretty powerful! The vibrations are pretty strong on this thing — enough so that they might even be too powerful if that’s not something that works well for your body type. This means that if you like more intense sensations during sex or masturbation, then this will probably work well for.

10 gears tiktok rose toy Sucks and Vibrates Simultaneously

The Rose Toy is Completely Safe

The rose toy is made of medical-grade silicone that is soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, phthalate, and latex free. It is also non-porous, so bacteria can’t hide inside!

The high-quality silicone is hypoallergenic and safe to use directly on your most intimate parts.

Unlike other toys made from hard materials like plastic or ABS, our Rose toy will never decompose or degrade over time because it is made of silicone. This means You can keep it for years without deforming or becoming brittle!

There is no smell or taste when using it during oral or vaginal penetration (unless you put some tasty lubricant on it).

It’s Waterproof

The Rose toy is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, tub, or anywhere else you want to explore with your toy.

You can wash it with water and don’t need to worry about destroying it.

rose toy is 100 waterproof

The Rose Toy is Rechargeable

The Rose toy is a rechargeable design. You can charge it wirelessly through the included USB magnetic docking station. You don’t have to worry about the battery running out of power. No need to worry about replacing the battery again. And it also saves you the expense of buying batteries.

The USB charging port is designed so that you can charge almost anywhere. For example, use computer charging, Powerbank charging, cell phone adapter charging, etc. Only need to charge for about 2 hours, and the rose toy can work for 1 hour.

10 gears tiktok rose toy Rechargeable

It’s Quiet

Have you ever used a vibrating toy with noise? It can make you embarrassed, right? You need to use music to cover the noise of the vibrating toy so that your family or roommates won’t hear it.

But rose toys are quiet. When using the Rose Toy, you don’t need to worry about your roommates hearing it vibrate. All you need to do is close the bedroom door and enjoy the excitement of the Rose Toy in peace. The low noise makes the rose the first choice for many women.

And it looks just like a rose. Even if you let your roommate see it, you won’t necessarily be able to associate it with a sex toy.

10 gears tiktok rose toy is quiet

Simple to Use

The Rose toy has only one button and is very easy to use. No matter how you use it, you won’t mess it up. Simply press and hold this one button to start the rose toy, then continue to press to switch the frequency of the rose toy, and long press for more than 3 seconds to turn off the rose toy.

Then charging using the magnetic base. Just put the rose toy on the magnetic base, and it will fit naturally. So charging is also very simple.

It is waterproof and can be cleaned directly underwater.

Since it looks like a rose, You can also place it in the living room as a decorative piece. It is also effortless to store it in this way.

It’s Not Like an Adult Toy!

Have you ever been embarrassed like this? A friend came over for a visit and suddenly saw a dildo. A realistic dildo is like a male penis and is very easy to see. Do you want your friends to know that you use sex toys?

A rose toy is a toy that looks like a rose, and if your friend is inexperienced, it is entirely impossible to recognize it as a sex toy. Even in public places, you take it out. It is difficult for others to find out that it is a sex toy.

The rose toy has the important features of a high-quality vibrating toy that can perform the functions of a vibrator and looks like a delicate rose.

It can give you stimulation and serve as a decorative item.

It Can Be a Gift

The rose sex toy can be a gift for your loved one.

It is a commonly used and safe sex toy.

The rose sex toy is a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife.

The rose sex toy is also suitable for a beginner learning to use it properly.

You can share the joy of using the rose sex toy with your partner to spice up your love life.

It Has a Long Lifespan

You will not need to replace your rose sex toy anytime soon because it can last long before breaking down or becoming dull in performance.

It Has a Guarantee

Our rose toys are 100% quality guaranteed. You can get a full refund if you receive a rose toy that doesn’t work. And you do not need to return the rose toy.

If you do not like the rose toy, you can also get a full refund.

Even if you have been using the rose toy for more than 1 month and it doesn’t work, you can still replace it with a new one for free.

This is a product that has taken TikTok by storm. We guarantee you will get the best experience. If this is fake, you can get a refund.

Ready to Try?

The Rose symbolizes love, beauty, purity, and romance. It symbolizes care and love for women. Buy one rose toy for her.

10 gears tiktok rose toy for women


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