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why my rose toy not charging

Why is My Rose Toy Not Charging? Everything You Should Know

Rose toys have become very popular. We have encountered some customers who have asked us why their Rose toys are not charging. We will review this guide to answer why Rose Toys is not charging.

First of all, confirm that all devices are connected correctly. Whether the rose toy is flashing during charging, if the rose toy is flashing, it means that the charging cable, as well as the charger, are suitable. Even if the LED is flashing, but constantly flashing, this may be a problem with the rose toy.

What Kind of Charger Do You Use?

All rose clitoral stimulators use a licking clitoral rose universal magnetic charging cradle.

The classic rose toy products use a rose toy charger.

Rose toy vibrator and rose tongue g-spot vibrator using a pinhole charging cable.

All other products use USB magnetic charging cables.

We do not recommend using other types of chargers for rose toys charging.

rose toy charge
Rose Toy Charge

Check the Charging Cable

  • First, you need to check the charging cable, whether the line is broken or has poor contact.
  • Whether the charging cable has covered with water, if there is some water, please wipe it dry before use.
  • Whether the charging cable is correctly inserted into the charger.
  • One end of the charging cable is a USB port. This side is straightforward to insert. The other end may be a round hole-shaped charging head or a magnetic-style charging head. If it is a magnetic type, Please note the two pins can’t use in reverse position. Under normal circumstances, the two pins will automatically fit into the rose toy without forced suction. If you need to put the magnetic pins on a rose toy manually, there may be issues with the cable or the rose toy body.

Check the Charger

If you buy a rose toy with a USB charging cable without a charger, you must insert the charging cable into the charger. For example, Android phone chargers, iPhone chargers, computer USB ports, laptop USB ports, Power Bank, etc.

Our universal USB device has a voltage of 5V±5% and a current of 500mA. If your charger is not 5V, please do not use it. For example, some high-voltage devices are 18V or 36V.

Please do not use a charger with an output voltage much higher than 5V, which may damage the Rose Toys.

Check Batteries

If the rose toy uses a battery, you need to check whether the battery with power. You can buy a new battery to put in and test it.

Are the batteries placed in the right direction? There is a direction for the positive and negative poles. Try reversing the direction.

Is the battery the right size? Is it stuck inside when you put the battery into the box? Or is it in loose status? Only when it is tight, then the size is correct.

If there is liquid leakage in the battery box, there is something wrong with the battery, and it needs to be replaced with a new one. Then when the electrolyte leaks, did it cause the electrode version to rust? Rusty electrodes will affect the electrical conductivity. You need to remove the rusty part.

Use High-quality Batteries

Do not mix new and old batteries, and buy high-quality ones. Combining old and new batteries will accelerate the power consumption rate.

When replacing the battery, please ensure the protective film at the bottom of the battery has been removed. The protective film can’t supply power if it is not removed.

Is There Any Dust

Check if there is dust between the charging cable and the rose body, and check the cable and power bank. Dust will obstruct the flow of current. Try again after cleaning off the dust.

Rose Toy Can Not Be Fully Charged

Most rose vibrators nowadays are designed with lithium batteries, which are high-density and lightweight. They can be recharged many times, eliminating the need to replace the batteries, and charging is also fast. Very easy to carry.

But also encountered a situation that can not be fully charged. Obviously, in about two or three hours can be fully charged, but my rose toy, why, after 12 hours of charging the indicator still flashing?

If you encounter such a situation, please check the first step.

  • Is the correct charging cable being used?
  • Does the voltage of the charger match?

Is There Any Liquid Leakage?

If there is no problem with the charging device, check if there is any liquid leakage from the rose toy. Is the leaking liquid water or other colors?

If it is not a clear water color, then it is likely to be the electrolyte of the Li-ion battery. If it is a colorless and odorless transparent liquid, it is not necessarily water but also may be an electrolyte, which is not good to judge at this time.

But if you have never used a rose toy in water, when the rose toy leaks a colorless and odorless liquid, there is also a high probability that it is an electrolyte.

The general design of the battery will have a protective plate and will not cause electrolyte leakage. Still, if you misuse it or encounter low-quality products, there may be a liquid leakage problem, so let’s understand how to deal with this situation.

In case of liquid leakage, please use water to dilute it and flush it into the toilet. Or use a dry paper towel to wipe it up and throw the paper towel into the outside trash because a lithium battery cell leak may produce toxic gas.

After determining that it is a lithium battery electrolyte leak, this rose toy will need to return to the factory for repair. You can not repair it yourself. It would be best to replace the new lithium battery and re-mold it.

If It is the First Time to Charge?

When you receive the rose toy, the first time you charge it, has it been flashing? Even after charging for more than 10 hours, it is still flashing. If so, that means you received a bad rose vibrator. The quality is problematic.

The factory production and quality inspection did not pass. This can immediately contact your seller, requesting to replace a new rose toy for you.

Is the Magnetic Charging Cable Not in Tight Connection With the Rose Toy?

Check if the charging cable is tightly connected to the rose vibrator. However, the magnetic charging cable is simpler. But the waterproof performance is better.

It is easy to fall off, which can easily lead to poor contact, and this time will lead to very slow charging efficiency, so after connecting tightly, try charging again.

Rose Vibrator Charging FAQs

Should I Charge the Rose Toy for the First Time?

Yes, you should fully charge the rose vibrator for the first time.

Could I Use the Rose Vibrator While Charging?

No, we don’tdon’t recommend you use the rose toy while charging it.

How Do I Know if the Rose Vibrator is Fully Charged?

If the LED indicator flashes when you connect the rose toy to the charger, then the toy is charging. And when the rose vibrator is fully charged, the LED indicator stops flashing.

How Long Does It Take to Charge the Rose Toy Fully?

2 hours will be enough to charge most of the rose toys fully.

How Long Does the Rose Toy Work After Fully Charging?

Most rose toys can work for around 1 hour at full charge. For specific working times of the products, please check the rose toy official store.

How Can I Charge My Rose Toy After Using It in Water?

Most rose toy products are 100% waterproof, but you should ensure your toy is completely dry before charging it.

Will Rose Vibrator Be Dead if It is Idle for Too Long?

You can leave most of the products idle for like 90 days. If your rose toy is fully charged, the battery usually won’t run out of power in 90 days. But to keep the battery healthy, we suggest you use your rose toy and charge it at least once every three months.

Can I charge my rose for 10 minutes?

Of course, you can. But only 10 minutes of charging will only work for a while. Ten minutes does not fully charge.


  1. Nicole Hutson

    I only use mines one put it up and haven’t use it in a one. Try charging it tonight the blinking light came and was blink then after while the light went still, so I thought it was done charging. Tried to turn it on and nothing happened, this is my second one doing the same thing. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong?

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